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About Us

You must be wondering who we are and why we’re appearing on your screen. We are Andra and Vlad from Romania – Nice to meet you! We are two young (or this is what we like to believe) and married adventurers, hopelessly in love with travel, nature, people and culture. We are both from Bucharest, a city where we were both born and raised and where we still live. But we never mind leaving our home town for some green views every once in a while.

In 2014, we touched ground, together, for the first time on Asian soil. Since then we’ve fallen deeply in love with anything Asia-related. No plane passes without us drooling and dreaming ourselves in it. We’re continuously planning new trips, we’re always reading stories from faraway lands, letting our imaginations take us far, far away, each and every day . Unfortunately, we weren’t born on a plane, we don’t have travel-related backgrounds and this is perhaps the reason why we crave it so much.

Vlad has graduated the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and is now “navigating” through the corporate-banking system. He is the IT genius in the family and stoically resists Andra’s assaults regarding the creation and development of this website. Furthermore, he has a soft spot for photography. 99% of the photos on this website are his work (for the other 1% Andra will make sure to boast when she has the chance). He is the silent and patient half of the team, the one with his head on his shoulders.

Andra graduated Law at Bucharest University. She tried practicing law for a couple of years until she felt the need to take a break from that too serious a life. She has a weakness for children – as a matter of fact she now teaches them Physics and Science with Lego models. Yes, you got that right! It’s sort of a dream job where you get to play Lego all day long. She could easily spend an entire day in a park reading a book. Their trips to Asia introduced her to the world of Yoga, which she now rigorously practices. She is the chatty half of the team, in a cloudland most of the time and the greatest National Geographic fan of all times.


Huggable moments at Angkor Wat

What we like?

  • Wandering around;
  • Rising with the sun for a trek on our beloved mountains;
  • Planning our trips by ourselves (or with the help of guides when they are necessary);
  • Finding secluded places with few tourists;
  • Cramming in homestays in our trips;
  • Feeding ourselves with local stories;
  • Discovering the traditions and the faiths from the most remote corners of the world;
  • Drinking ginger tea (thank you, Vietnam, for letting us discover it!)

What we don’t like?

  • Travelling with suitcases (long live the backpacks);
  • Staying more than a couple of minutes on a beach (for us, beaches are made for “depositing” your goods while you gracefully bathe like a mermaid in the water);
  • Finding ourselves in tours full of rowdy tourists;

You will get to know us better with each article – Andra writes and dreams and Vlad handles the technical parts and the visual pampering (photos, videos). We hope to win your heart with our stories, to arouse your curiosity, to make you leave everything behind and buy a plane ticket (or even a train ticket).

And now you are probably thinking… So it’s another travel blog!

Yes, it’s another travel blog among the millions of others. But we will try to sweep you off your feet with our adventures. We will not resume our articles to tourist details, we like to find out as much as possible about a place. And we won’t be selfish, we will share everything with you, everything that fascinates us, makes us smile, makes us sad, makes us fell alive! As such, we hope to bring you something new, because in the end each experience is subjective and we now invite you to live ours from our perspective!

Our World to Wander

Enjoying trekking in Sapa