Hi there!

We are Andra and Vlad, and our travels are all about discovering cultures, gathering stories, and getting to know the locals. So if you are curious about the world and want to learn about cultural travel, come and wander with us!


We are a world-loving couple, half lawyer, half real estate consultant. We spend most of our holidays in Asia and Europe, and we even took one year off when we decided to travel extensively in Asia, but also in New Zealand. We are aware that we have only seen 17% of the world, but we are always aiming for the rest 83%. And we would rather stay longer in one place, than just ticking destinations off our bucket list. We genuinely believe in cultural travel, getting to know a place through its culture. So we hope that through our stories, we will make you want to discover more about the world and its beautiful people. Let us guide you and enjoy the ride!


What is cultural travel? We believe that as travelers we have a duty to be curious about the places we go to. Cultural travel is about getting to know the culture of a place, understanding the way of life of locals and immersing in their history, beliefs, and traditions.

Our travels focus around Asia, but the Indian Subcontinent is where we left part of our hearts. We have spent almost one year in that region, and we like to call India our home away from home.